Tilby Sugarcane System

The Tilby Separation System consists of a series of proprietary technologies and know-how for the processing of alternative feedstocks such as Sugarcane, Sunflower, Sweet Sorghum, Grain Sorghum, Hemp, Corn, Energy Cane, Tobacco, Sunchokes, Kenaf and Miscanthus. It is the enabling technology that makes everything else possible.The Tilby Separation technology includes all systems necessary to receive and separate sugarcane and similar feedstocks into their individual fiber and juice components.

Tilby Sugarcane System

The Tilby Separation System incorporates proprietary technological innovation and know-how to achieve reliable and sustainable processing operations that generate a very profitable and diverse range of value-added co-products. While the Tilby Separation System can process a wide range of feedstocks, this overview focuses on sugarcane.

The heart of the system is the separator  itself. It is the enabling technology that makes everything else possible. The separate and distinct outputs flowing from separated sugarcane and similar feedstocks bear no resemblance to the crushed residue (bagasse) from conventional cane milling. The separated outputs are new and distinct. Specific terminology was developed to describe them individually.

The Tilby Separation System includes all systems necessary to receive and process sugarcane and similar feedstocks. Systems include billeting, detrashing, metering, separation, juice extraction and a wide range of value-added downstream co-product processes.  Tilby Technologies has Separation Systems capable fo processing from 5 MTCH to 50 MTCH. Throughputs higher than 50 MTCH are achieved using multiple separators set up in tandem.



Panel Board

Particleboard and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) are similar composite board products with MDF being a finer grade product than ordinary particleboard. 


Animal Feed

With the addition of blended additives, comfith (one of the co-product) has proven to be an ideal medium for the production of a high quality animal feed.

paper production


Comrind (one of the co-product) is an ideal feedstock for the production of fine grade writing paper, paper towels, linerboards and certain grades of newsprint.



Conventional OSB is a structural building product made from wood strands specially cut from timber logs. OSB is a direct alternative to exterior grade plywood.

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