Unique patented and proven technology, High availability, wide range of feed stocks (waste, ash, fines), environmentally benign. Performing at atmospheric pressure, elevated temperature and high plant availability.


The patented Plasma Pyrolysis Gasification Vitrification (PPGV) technology that we license from Solena Group was developed by a NASA scientist, initially for space shuttle application, however after years of research and refinement, it is now a cost-effective and practical source of renewable energy. The PPGV system utilizes plasma torch heating up to 5,000 degrees Celsius. It accepts a wide range of feedstock, including: biomass; coal fines; hazardous, industrial , municipal and low-level nuclear wastes; and sewage sludge. Expensive sorting and preprocessing that is required with incinerators and some other waste-to-energy system is not needed with PPGV: all organic materials are gasified into an H2/CO Fuel gas ("Syn-gas"), while all inorganic materials are vitrified into inert "slag", a saleable product. The syn-gas is recovered as electricity/methanol or H2.



Environmental Benign

Non-polluting and environmentally safe


Tipping fee on feed stock, electricity sales, and vitrified product.


Plasma heating system guarantees, complete equipment guarantees, EPC contractor guarantees.

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