MCX 3000 Road Enzymes

Enzymes act as catalysts for virtually every chemical reaction that occurs in plant and animal life. MCX's MCX 3000 is formulated with an enzyme-rich material which was the product of a natural fermentation process using cane sugars and other proprietary organic compounds. The enzymes have been tailored to provide the "lock" for numerous soil materials and promote the desired alteration of their properties, causing a rapid cementaion process to occur.

Road Enzymes

MCX 3000 is a unique, soil-stablizing prodcut with the potential to significantly reduce your overall costs for road construction and maintenance. MCX 3000 is a non-toxic formulation of enzyme-rich materials that is manufactured through a natural fermentaion process using only sugars and other 100% natural, organic compounds.

When mixed with water and applied during compaction, MCX 3000 acts upon the soil's organic fines through a catalytic bonding process producing a strong cementation effect. The result is a durable and water-resistant mix that can be used in any climatic environment as a sub-base or as a primary surface. Typically, the bonding process will be sufficiently cured within 72 hours to permit a road's use by normal traffic.




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Environmental Friendly

Environmental friendly, MCX 3000 can be absorbed by the environment completely.


Greatly reduce the construction time.

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