Infrastructure for Senegal

Providing assistance to the masses of individuals without access to electricity and the basic necessities of infrastructure is a challenge that we energetically look forward to with 21st century solutions. There is a great opportunity to bring decentralized sustainable applications to these country’s (primarily but not exclusively in Africa) and leap frog the need to replicate what has grown to be challenging and unsustainable systems in the industrialized world.



The MCX sustainable energy-infrastructure system addresses the key elements of:

A. Power Generation (combining anaerobic digestion along with solar)

B. Micro-Wastewater treatment units

C. Telecom (delivery of broadband)

D. Roads (using a natural enzyme material).

E. The “backbone” of the “system” is housed underground in HDPE piping (4) equipped with nodes for GPS tracking and troubleshooting. This renders the

system weather resistant if not weather proof.

Senegal model